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Solar off Grid System 5kw-20kw

Off grid systems use solar power to store electricity power in batteries that can be used to power household loadings at night or in the rain day.

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Product Description

APEX Solar

The solar system converts solar energy into electric energy in the case of sunlight. The solar charge and discharge controller supplies power to the load and charges the battery at the same time.In the absence of sunlight, the battery bank supplies power to the DC load through the solar charge and discharge controller. Meanwhile, the battery also supplies power directly to the inverter, which can be converted into alternating current by the inverter to supply power to the AC loading.

Off Grid Inverter( #/ KW) 1/10KW 1/20KW
410W Mono Solar Panel (Pcs) 26 42
PV Combiner Box (Set) 1 1
Lead Acid Gel/ AGM Battery 2V 200AH 2V 300AH
Quantity of Battery (Pcs) 180 180
DC Cable (m) 200 300
Mounting System Customized
Battery Rack Customized
Battery Cable (Pcs) 180 180
MC4 (Pair) 10 20
PV Tools Wire Cable Cutter & Stripper, Disassembly Tool


APEX Solar


25 years




TT, L/C, Western Union

Production Details


Mono Solar Panels
  • Peak Power Watts: 340W AP340M-60H)
  • Maximum Power Voltage: 34.2V
  • Maximum Power Current: 9.94A
  • Open Circuit Voltage: 41.1V
  • Short Circuit Current: 10.6A
  • Dimensions: 1698×1004×35 mm (66.85×39.53×1.38 inches)
  • Weight: 18.7 kg (40.8 lb)


Off Grid Inverter

The Off Grid Inverter is Integrated with a MPPT Solar Charger Controller,a High Frequency Pure Sine Wave Inverter and a UPS.
Fuction Module in One Machine.Remote Monitoring is Available by Using Wifi Monitoring Kit.


Lead Acid GEL Battery
  • Capacity(kWh): 0.4/0.8/1.2/1.6/2
  • Nominal Voltage(Vdc): 2 12
  • Nominal Capacity(AH): 200/400/600/800/1000
  • Depth of Discharge: 70%
  • Warranty:3 Years


PV Mounting System
  • Mounting Rail & Rail Splice Kit: AI6005 & SUS304 Bolt.
  • Mid & End Clamps: 35,40,45,50mm
  • L Foot Asphalt Shingle Moount & Hanger Bolt Optional
  • Cable Clip & Tie Optional
  • Ground Clip & Lugs Optional


Main Disconnect Box
  • DC Disconnect
  • AC Disconnect
  • Battery Disconnect
  • PV Combiner
  • Flexible Inputs Optional
  • IP65 Protection Degree


DC Cable & MC4 Connector & Y Branch
  • Cross Section: 4mm2, 6mm2 Optional
  • Rated Voltage: 600 VDC(UL) / 1000 VDC (TUV)
  • Rated Current: 55A,70A
  • Colors: Black For STD, Red Optional.
  • Lifetime:≤25 Years

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