Apex Solar amazed SNEC Shanghai exhibition and won the Megawatt Emerald Award

On June 5, 2021, the 15th SNEC (2021) international solar photovoltaic energy and wisdom (Shanghai) conference and exhibition in Shanghai new international expo center, perfect as an indicator of photovoltaic industry, as well as the most influential global exhibition, SNEC annual gathering of the world’s top pv enterprises and show the latest technological achievements Apex solar became the highlight of the exhibition by virtue of its own advantages.

APEX Solar
Apex Solar’s Team

Technology full sense of the booth

The SNEC pv show in Shanghai, Apex Solar’s continued to maintain the original style of technology and services, the design of the overall contracted and the atmosphere, extremely powerful 13 meters big, comfortable chairs and tables, add close charge service, display the beauty of harmony atmosphere, both demonstrate the future of the real feeling and sense of science and technology, and show the Apex’s ran considerate and thoughtful.On the big screen, a promotional video of Apex’s intelligent manufacturing factory draws a large audience.On the exhibition stand, Apex solar 405W, 505W, 550W and 670W solar panel were well received by countless visitors.The quality of the workmanship and the striking title make the visitor feel fresh and refreshing.670W solar panel as the exhibition launched a new product, won the unanimous praise of numerous friends.The gifts prepared by Heran and the 600W+ Alliance activities sponsored by Heran made the booth more popular, making Apex Solar shine in  SNEC 2021 pv exhibition.

Apex Solar Energy 210 series mono solar panel has been awarded TUV SUD certification by TUV SUD

June 3, China/Shanghai, during the 15th (2021) International Solar Photovoltaic and Smart Energy (Shanghai) Exhibition & Forum,TUV SUD Greater China Group (hereinafter referred to as “TUV SUD”) issued the TUV SUD certification for 210 single glass products exhibited by Apex Solar Energy Technology (Yangzhou) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Apex Solar Energy”).Mr. Zhang Zhulin, Senior Operations Director and Chief Visa Officer of TUV SUD Smart Energy, and Mr. Chen Jianhui, Chairman of Apex Solar Energy attended the ceremony.

At the presentation ceremony, TUV SUD Zhang Zhu Lin congratulated Apex Solar on the certification and said:The size and electrical performance parameters of this PV 210 single glass product of Apex Solar Energy are much larger than the mainstream version in the past market. It can pass the test and certification of IEC61215 and 61730 standards, which fully demonstrates that Heran takes into account the safety and reliability of the product while improving the performance of the product.It is hoped that TUV SUD and Apex Solar Energy will have a lot of cooperation and exchanges in the future, and jointly safeguard the healthy and orderly development of the photovoltaic industry.

Chen Jianhui of chairman Apex Solar Energy said: 210 single glass products successfully passed the test and certification of TUV SUD, which is a small achievement for Apex Solar, but also a big responsibility.Founded in hz RanGang entering the photovoltaic industry, domestic components market has not yet mature, in addition to the first-line brand, pay attention to the quality of the products of second-line brand enterprises difficult to establish, and Hector ran in line with industry responsibility, adhere to honest services as the cornerstone, product quality as the core, has won the customers highly recognized, completed from the wafer to the component of the whole industry chain layout,And the component market at home and abroad has a strong competitiveness.Now, General Secretary Xi has put forward the goal of carbon neutrality in 2060, which is not only the matter of the country, but also the matter of the whole nation. Only by staying true to the original aspiration, keeping in mind the mission, and making contributions to the carbon neutrality goal of 2060 down-to-earth, can we demonstrate the responsibility of a big country in the international community.In the future, Heran will continue to give full play to its own advantages in the domestic and foreign industrial chain, so that the products with the same quality and the same price are better, so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of sunshine.

Won the organizing committee ten highlights megawatt jadeite award

On June 3rd, Gu Hao, Director of Marketing Department of Apex Solar Energy, delivered a keynote speech entitled “Application Advantages of 210 Tripartite High Power Components in Distributed Market” on behalf of the company.

APEX Solar

Apex Solar Energy 505W solar panel with the advantages of cost reduction and efficiency shortlisted for the top ten highlights of SNEC, from 1200 enterprises, and successfully won the megawatt level emerald award (a total of 100 companies won).

APEX Solar
Many leaders come to the booth to guide
APEX Solar

Solar industry association executive vice President Mr Xiao-bin zhang in shandong province, Mr Ma Xianli photovoltaic new energy chamber of commerce in hebei province and the research of new energy industry development in henan province branch secretary general Mr Yao Feng to Apex Solar Energy in N2-518 booth, and Apex Solar Energy to participate in the exhibition gave high evaluation, chairman of Mr Chen himself received the three leaders.Shandong, Hebei and Henan, as the three major provinces with the largest total amount of photovoltaic power generation in mainland China, are playing an active role in the domestic market of photovoltaic power generation in China. The markets of these three provinces are of great significance to the development of Heran.The three leaders said that Heran’s products have been well received by installers in the local market. No matter its competitiveness and price advantage, or meticulous service, Heran has a firm foothold in the market of Shandong, Hebei and Henan and has a long-term foothold.

Time is rushing, the three days of SNEC came to a successful end!Although the exhibition has ended, Apex Solar’s attitude of serving customers and determination to let everyone enjoy the sunshine will never end. In the future, Apex Solar will definitely stay true to the original aspiration and move forward to contribute to the country’s goal of achieving carbon peak and carbon neutral as soon as possible!

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