Why Are The Solar Panel With Half-Cut Solar Cells So Popular?

The multi-bus solar panel adopt the multi-bus grid technology.The multi-bus grid technology uses a multi-bus grid cell welding design to improve the efficiency of cells and components. Compared with the conventional five-bar technology, the multi- bus grid technology narrows the grid line width, shortens the electron transmission distance, and reduces the total series resistance.It can increase the power of the module by 2.5% and save the consumption of silver paste by 30%~50%. The multi- bus grid module has higher reliability and can effectively reduce the risk of battery cracking and grid broken.


Through the use of round ribbons, the light can still be reflected and used in low light conditions, so that the multi-bus grid products have a good low-light response. At the same time, the multi-bus grid technology is compatible with a variety of battery and component technologies. The power generation of grid modules is higher than that of conventional modules, and the LCOE is lower, bringing more benefits to end customers.

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