Apex Solar успешно номинирована на премию China Top Ten Brands Award 2021, распределенная PV

After the preliminary evaluation of China International New Energy Conference (CREC), Heran New Energy has been selected as one of the top ten Photovoltaic module brands in China in 2021.


Apex Solar is a solar panel manufacturer and exporter with more than ten years of production experience. We focus on the production and sales of solar cells, photovoltaic modules and solar systems.

Apex Solar has a highly professional and highly qualified R&D and management team. Our R&D team can customize production for customers according to their needs. At the same time, our products have international authoritative certifications such as TUV, CE and CQC. In addition to enjoying a high reputation in China, our products are very popular in overseas markets.

Apex Solar has participated in the Linyi government’s distributed key project. The total capacity is 6MW. It uses Heran New Energy’s 500W Hercules high-efficiency modules. After completion, it can self-use 7.8 million kWh of electricity each year and reduce 2.6 million tons of coal.


Apex Solar will work harder to adhere to the business philosophy of “helping customers create the highest value, and better quality, more cost-effective solar products”, and let us with better quality, better service, and more reliable guarantee. The brand has been favored by more distributed end customers.


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