Annual silicon supply supports about 290GW of domestic module production

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On September 6, 2022, Hangzhou Industrial and Commercial Photovoltaic Storage Salon, hosted by PV Box and Energy Storage Box, was successfully held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. Apex Solar was invited to participate in this event.

The guest sharing session was full of goodies, which contributed to the sustainable and healthy development of commercial and industrial PV+storage projects in Zhejiang.
In the discussion session, the participants discussed the current development mode of Hangzhou industrial and commercial PV+storage, explored the cost control, project development, follow-up operation and maintenance of industrial and commercial PV+storage projects and other forward-looking topics, expressed their views and put forward many new models and new ideas.

01. Zhejiang Results

PV box senior analyst Hong Jiaqi introduced: “Zhejiang Province has issued the “The14th Five-year Plan” new energy storage development planning “on the implementation of the Zhejiang Province to speed up the new energy storage demonstration application” and many other policies to support multiple applications to promote the development of energy storage scale, to encourage the whole county PV The development of the region to focus on the construction of independent energy storage. It is clear that during the “14th Five-year Plan” period, Zhejiang province has built about 3 million kilowatts of new energy storage installation, while selecting the first batch of demonstration projects in the province.”

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Recorded project data shows that from January to August 2022, a total of 40+ energy storage projects were declared, with a total capacity of 118MW/1222MWh. April and July are the small peak periods for energy storage project declarations. Wenzhou and Huzhou are the regions with the largest number of energy storage projects declared.

02. Highlights of the moment

Zheshang Development senior analyst master Jie Song analysis: “In the demand side, 2022 silicon supply determines the module (film) demand, the annual silicon supply to support about 290GW domestic module production; in the supply side, the first half of the domestic PV-grade film particles supply 173GW, has been in a high proportion, neutral expected in the second half of the domestic PV-grade film particles monthly average supply of 26 GW, is expected to appear in Q4 early tight.”

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He pointed out that the industry still needs to pay attention to two points next year: one is the domestic supply of high-purity quartz sand and domestic substitution, and the second is that next year, the N type accounted for an increase in POE film particles under the supply and demand situation is more severe than this year.

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Wang Baosong of Ping An Leasing mentioned, “Integrating the current actual financing situation and risk elements of PV power plants, Ping An Leasing focuses on launching distributed PV-related financial products, refining the transaction structure and operation process to provide more comprehensive property protection.”

03. Discussion Session

After the wonderful guest theme sharing, the salon set up a guest question session and free exchange session, the participants discussed the current situation and future trends of industrial and commercial optical storage in Zhejiang, the atmosphere was warm.

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At the same time, the salon site on the current obstacles and opportunities of household energy storage, the wall of electricity sales and distributed energy storage project financing lease and other hot topics were analyzed and discussed, many of the participants put forward their own practical solutions and expand new ideas.

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04. Apex Solar Night

After the conference, the PV colleagues attended the reception dinner “Feast of Apex Solar”. During the dinner, a cup of mellow wine and a delicious dish made the warm atmosphere linger in the whole scene. The Hangzhou Industrial and Commercial PV Energy Storage Salon also came to an end in a pleasant atmosphere.

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