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June 16, by the new energy industry association of Shandong Province, through the new energy co-sponsored by the new energy Zibo PV hero conference was successfully held in Zibo, Shandong Province, the forum to “household business”, “mode complementary”, “the whole County PV” as the theme, focus on household and commercial PV market. Shandong New Energy Industry Association Executive Deputy Secretary General Mou Qiang, State Grid Shandong Province Electric Power Company Zibo Power Supply Company Deputy Chief Economist, Director of Development Planning Department Huang Kai, Huaneng Laiwu Power Generation Company Limited Director of New Energy Department Liu Guang, Shandong Province Solar Energy Industry Association Executive Vice President Zhang Xiaobin, Hebei Province Photovoltaic New Energy Chamber of Commerce Secretary General Ma Xianli and other more than 20 speakers to share, dialogue, more than 600 participants More than 600 participants attended the meeting.

ápice solar
Apex Solar was invited to participate in the PV Hero Conference in Zibo, Shandong Province

01. Model complementarity is an important survival method nowadays

At the opening ceremony of the conference, guest of honor Ma Xianli mentioned in his speech that in 2021, China will add 54.88 GW of grid-connected PV, and experts predict that the installed capacity will reach 75 GW in 2022. despite the ambitious blueprint, the distributed PV business will still face a lot of uncertainties in 2022.

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Into the second quarter, the module price is about to break through 2 yuan / W, installers profits continue to compress, self-build scale is sharply reduced; central state-owned enterprises, photovoltaic equipment manufacturers, local leaders to push the new, emergence of a variety of leasing models, photovoltaic loan business, in the household self-build powerless at the moment, “model complementary” is an important way to promote the whole county, competition to survive. The “model complementary” is an important way to promote the whole county and survive the competition.

02. Overseas demand surges, domestic price reduction is difficult

Zhang Xiaobin mentioned in his speech, module prices are at a high level throughout the year, mainly for the following reasons: silicon production capacity release slowly, did not meet expectations; central state-owned enterprises energy transition pressure has a strong installed demand, while in order to reduce debt ratio, reduce the acquisition of power plants, increase new development of power plants; Russia-Ukraine war exacerbated the energy crisis in Europe and the United States, overseas markets for PV demand surged; National Energy Board PV projects under construction 121 GW, is expected to grid 108GW; the United States to release 2 years of PV tariff increase.

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He believes that the state will not talk to the upstream enterprises to reduce prices, is to high prices to earn money from foreign countries.

03. Group development and go out

In 2020, platform-based companies in Shandong share 30%, 47% last year, while this year reached 80%. The current situation of the market has led to more and more models for installers to participate in, so the first round of dialogue with the guests was held around the longevity of the model, its advantages, and how to optimize the derivation of new models in the future. After that, a second round of dialogue was started around “the importance of settlement, process, cost and supply chain”, with six guests discussing in depth, expressing their own views and giving suggestions, bringing the meeting to a climax. Finally, Zhang Xiaobin called on Shandong installers to develop as a group this year, and as long as there is an opportunity, they must go out.

ápice solar

Under the great national movement of carbon neutrality in 2060, Apex Solar will continue to forge ahead and provide customers with a full range of clean energy solutions to help small and medium-sized enterprises enjoy the dividends of clean energy.

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